Although Robert Junior was his parents’ eldest son, he did not automatically inherit the whole of Arderry. Half of the farm was settled on him by his parents at the time of his [first] marriage to Jane Halsall of Patrick in 1778. A detailed Marriage Contract was drawn up at this time. Robert and Jane had two surviving children, Thomas and Isabel, and Jane died within two years of Isabel’s birth. Robert re-married, his second wife being Esther Kissack of Santon. By Esther he had another daughter, Margaret. After the death of Robert Senior and Margaret, the other half of Arderry was left to Robert junior’s younger brother John [See below.]

The brothers probably farmed the property together for a long period, but after a while they called on a jury to divide the land between them. Robert's share included the old Tithe-Barn which stood in ruins until recently, and another building adjoining - probably the original family home, now mere;y a mound of grassy rubble. On 10th April 1817 Robert joined with his children Thomas and Margaret in selling his inheritance at Arderry.



After Robert sold out, his only son Thomas Quine, a bachelor, stayed in the Baldwin area, as a crofter. Around 1839 he may have been renting a croft on Creg-y-Cowin with his nephew Hugh Corlett. ‘Thomas Quine Arderry’ was buried at St. Luke’s, Baldwin on 12th December 1840 aged 63 years. There are still descendants of Robert Quine junior living on the Isle of Man, and they retain knowledge of their descent from the Quines of Arderry. Their ancestor was Isabel or Isabella Quine, baptised at Old Kirk Braddan 23rd April 1784. In 1809 she became the second wife of Thomas Corlett, house joiner of Strand Street, Douglas. Her surviving son Hugh Corlett [1813 - 1892] although christened at St. George’s, Douglas, married a Baldwin girl, Ann Cain of Booiley Vane, and they returned to live at Baldwin. They bought the Lhergy, a croft on Ballawillyn, in 1843, and built the cottage later known as ‘Mary Anne’s’, which stands, greatly enlarged, on the hill between St. Luke’s and the Reservoir.