A long term aim of my family history research has been to identify the origins of my 5 x great-grandfather, Thomas Quine/Quyne of Onchan, who died in November 1741. The first record I have found of him is the baptism of his son Philip at Onchan in 1723. Thomas appears to have been landless, and left little in his will. His wife was Alice Lewin or Lewn, who survived her first husband, and married secondly John Cottier of Lonan, living on until 1773. I am descended from their son Robert Quine, who moved to Baldwin when he bought Arderry in 1761. Robert acquired Arderry from another Thomas Quine, a circumstance which has always encouraged me to hope that my Thomas also belonged to the long-established Arderry Quine family.

Re-reading Braddan Will extracts which I made years ago, I found a reference to a grandson Thomas Quine in the Will of Ann Cowley alias Caley in 1690. I realised that this Thomas did not seem to fit any of the previous candidates who were my ancestral ‘possibles’, none of whom had yet been proved to fit the bill.

Abstract - - Braddan Archideaconal Wills 1689 Will of Ann Cowley alias Caley


Son John Cowley

Daughter Mariod

Daughter Ann

Daughter Margaret

Grandchild John Cowley

Grandchild Thomas Quine - left a lamb

Grandchild Ellin Cowley

Grandchild Jane Carowne

Abstract - - Braddan Archideaconal Wills 1690 Will of John Cowley

Grandchild William Corrown

Son Hugh,

grandson John the Executor

His daughter Margaret never had a dowry

Thomas Creer claimed 3 against the estate

Hugh Cowley was the father of the Executor


Extracts from Braddan Parish Register - Burials


Jo Cowley son to Jo Junr 20 Apr 1689 . . . . . .

Jo Cowley Knockrule 13 March [1689/90]

An Cowley als Caley Mar 25th [1690]

Jo Cowley Snr (de Knockrule)

The son first & then the mother & last of all the father there ...........

John Coreen’s wife 9 February [1692/3]

Extracts from Braddan Parish Register - Baptisms

Children of John Cowley

Ann 16 September 1651 Margaret 17 February 1654/5 Marie 6 November 1656 Christian 26 March 1657 Hugh 5 Jan 1658/9 Edward 6 Dec 1663

The history of the family is clarified by dealings with the farm of Eary Ween, at East Baldwin. This farm is on the Braddan side of the river, and the land starts about 100 yards north of the remotest part of the Arderry river boundary.

The farm was purchased by John Cowley of Knockrule (Mount Rule) from his son in law Thomas Creer in 1682. John seems to have settled it on his younger son Hugh. Hugh’s descendants the Cowleys remained in Eary Ween for generations, his (grandson?) William marrying Ann Quine of Arderry in the later 18th century..

Thomas Creer of Kirk Braddan and his wife Mariott Creer alias Cowley sold their quarterland of 5s 9d rent to ‘our father John Cowley of Knockrule’ for 6 8s to pay debts, and one cow. The deed was dated 24th November 1682. The witnesses were all Douglas men.

Mariod Creer alias Cowley was buried at Braddan 25th February 1689/90, but there is no will. There is a Mariod Creer will in 1692, but it is a different woman.

Later Thomas Creer and a subsequent wife Christian sold Boilley Vane to Captain John Quilliam Extract - - Braddan Episcopal Wills 1689/90 Administration of John Cowley Junr

Died 13th March Children John Junior Philip William Ellin


From attached papers;

The widow who was Margaret Cubbon re-married John Moor before 1697. He died before 1708 and she married for a third time to John Key of Ballalough, West Baldwin.Ellin was married to a Moor/e and a further child she had by Moor/e to the son of her 3rd husband.

Philip survived and received his share 1697 We saw that John junior died William died Ellin married William Moor

Pledge was Thomas Creer

John Carrown and William Carrown and Robert Creer entered claims against the estate

From the Manorial Records - Liber Assedationis 1705 Braddan - Treen of Camlorge

[Ballacain*] John Carowne 4s 10d

Phill Cowley Knockrule 5d

[Knockrule*] Phill Cowley 27 s 0d

[Ballaoates] Ann Christian & Thos Quine 15s 4d

* Quarterlands not actually named

Before 1700 the name of John Cowley was entered where Phill later succeeded.

Possible children of John Cowley Senior and Ann Caley of Knockrule

1. Christian Cowley Baptised Braddan 26 March 1657 Buried Braddan 1675
2. Ann Cowley m [John?] Carrown/Carooin [NOTE: No burial of a John Carooin in Braddan .;'until 1742] Possible baptism 16 September 1651 daughter of John Cowley Possible burial of Ann at Braddan : John Coreen’s wife 9 February [1692/3] possible issue: (i) William Carrown alive 1690 (ii) Jane Carrown alive 1689/90 (iii) perhaps Christian daughter of John Kerrowne bap. Braddan 13 Feb 1669/70
3. Robert Cowley buried Braddan 1681
4. John Cowley Junior [Heir to Knockrule] Buried 13 Mar 1689/90 Episcopal Will 1689/90 Married Margaret Cubbon d. 1727 (who m. (2) John Moor bef 1697; & m (3) John Key) Issue of John by Margaret:: (i) John Cowley Junior bur 1690 (ii) Philip Cowley [Heir to Knockrule] m Mary Clague bef. 1708 (SEE Deed of Mortgage)Mentioned as P.C. Knockrule in mother's will Arch. (3) 1727.(iii) William Cowley d. young (iv) Ellin Cowley m. William Moore - mentioned as Ellin Moore in mother's will 1727. Margaret Cubbon had further issue by 2nd husband Isabel Moor, m. step-brother Robert Key 1708, living 1727.
5. Hugh Cowley [Eary Ween] Baptised Braddan 5 January 1658 m. Mary Craine (SEE Deed of Mortgage) Buried 1727 Issue: (i) John Cowley (Executor of his grandfather) d. 1747? (ii) William Cowley m 1715 Isabel Corkill (SEE Contract of Marriage) (iii) Others?
6. Mariot or Mariod Cowley m (bef 1682) Thomas Creer Eary Ween Baptised Braddan 6 February 1656? SEE Deed of Sale 1682 Mentioned in mother’s will 1689 Bur 25 February 1689/90 No will Issue: Unknown!

Thomas Creer m (2) Christian...........................alive 1692 [SEE Deed of Sale 21 Nov 1692] Thomas perhaps d. 1706

7. Margaret Cowley Baptised Braddan February 1654 Possibly married Paul Creer Braddan 16 September 1690 Died: Unknown Possible issue: Baptisms of children of Paul Creer: Ellinor 21 June 1691, Jony 2 Mar 1694
8. Edward Cowley (possible child) Baptised Braddan 6 Dec 1663 Died - Unknown It is possible there could have been another daughter who pre-deceased her parents, married to a Quine, and with issue a son Thomas.

The mystery therefore is - which daughter was the mother of Thomas Quine. He could have been a child of a deceased daughter, or an (only?) child of a former marriage of either Ann or Mariot, or else an illegitimate son of any one of the married or unmarried daughters. If a legitimate child, we would then have to find a candidate as his father dying before perhaps 1669 for Ann or 1682 for Mariot. (Known latest dates for their “latter” marriages)

A second problem is is - no will or administration have yet been found for any of the potential mothers of Thomas Quine in the Cowley family.

1. Christian Cowley died 1675 - no will in this name

2. Ann Carrown alias Cowley - no burial in this name John Coreen’s wife buried 1692.3 - no will in her name

3. Mariod Creer alias Cowley buried 1689/90 - no will in her name

4. Margaret Cowley - possibly Margaret Creer alias Cowley - no will or burial yet

A clue to our Thomas Quine’s possible connections with the Cowleys may lie in the naming of a son Philip in 1723, an unusual name in the Quines of Braddan and Onchan. If Thomas was the grandchild of John and Ann Cowley Knock Rule, he would be a first cousin to Philip Cowley, heir of Knock Rule, and might have named his child after the head of the family.

My next strategy is to examine the Ecclesiastical presentments for Braddan, to see if Christian, Mariot, Ann or Margaret was ‘presented’’ for giving birth to an illegitimate child, if so, whether the child is 'fathered' on a Quine.

As to dates for such a birth, we have a wide period to cover, before 1669 to 1689.

Such dates would fit in with our Thomas, who had two children at least before 1723.

All these theories would be set at nought, if Thomas was a grandchild of Ann Cowley alias by a marriage prior to that to John Cowley.