The Last Will and Testament of Margaret Quine 1779


This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of Margaret Quine Alias Clague of Kk Braddan who departed this life on or about the 6th June 1779 being of perfect memory at the making thereof. She left to her eldest son Robert a quarter of the crop of corn, a one quarter of the husbandry gears. She left to her son John twelve sheep and her rights and properties of the lands. Also her husband Robert Quine agrees that his right and properties of the land shall descend unto his son John, after his death Also the said John Quine is not entitled to the said land until the decease or after the death of his father. She left to son Thomas ten pounds. She left to her daughter Margaret twelve pounds, and a feather bed, which feather bed she was not posess or enjoy until after her father's decease. She left to her daughter Ann ten pounds and a suite of her wearing aparrell. She left to her daughter Mary a cow. She left to her daughter Joney a pettycoat and gown, and three pounds She nominated and appointed her loving husband Robert sole and whole executer of the whole of her goods, moveable and immovable of any kind whatsoever.

17th February 1790 - Dan.Kewley, husband of Mary and Wm.Cowley husband of Ann within named acknowledges to have received the legacies bequeathed to their said wives

1813 ‘I Margaret Lewin Als Quine widow do hereby acknowledge that I received from Robert abovementioned the sum of twelve pounds manks being a legacy bequeathed to me by my mother, about thirty years ago.’