Mary Quine, daughter of Robert Quine and Margaret Clague of Arderry, married Daniel Kewley of Black Quarter or Kerrowdhoo, Onchan, at Onchan Parish church 24th May 1777. The Kewleys had been established there at since least 1593. An article was written by the late David Kewley (then of Onchan), about his descent from earlier generations of the family. [David Kewley: "The Kewleys of Onchan" Journal IOMFHS 1999 page 30 et seq.] Daniel and Mary had at least 8 children;


William 6 May 1780 Margaret 12 Dec 1790
John 19 June 1781 Robert 20 Oct 1793
William 18 Mar 1785 Philip 25 May 1798
Daniel 17 Feb 1788 Mary 23 June 1799

The eldest child, William, died young, another baby being given the same name some five years later.

Daniel and Mary settled their farm on their eldest surviving son and heir John Kewley by articles of agreement, reserving an annuity of £10 per annum for themselves. In addition John was to pay his brothers and sisters small capital sums; Daniel, William and Robert were to receive £10 each, and Margaret and Mary £20 each. Mary Quine Kewley died in 1805 and Daniel senior in 1837. The heir John died without issue before October 1812, when the Manorial records indicate that he was succeeded as heir to the farm by his brother William. A John Kewley, mason of Douglas was buried at Onchan. He left a will dated 25th January 1809 which described him as 'mason of the parish of Kk Conchan.'. In the will he cut off his father, and un-named brothers and two sisters with 2s 6d each legacy. He left Catherine Gelling 15s, Nicholas Quirk £1 1s, 1s to all claimers, and appointed one Christopher Karran his executor (and residuary beneficiary.). There were claims against his estate from Robert Quine for £12, Nicholas Quirk for £7, Catherine Gelling for £1 11s 6d, Thomas Kelly for £1 12s 0d and from John Christian for £6 0s 0d

Nicholas Quirk was probably baptised Braddan 29 November 1752, son of Nicholas Quirk and Catherine Callow - no known relationship.

Christopher Karran was probably baptised Onchan 8th April 1765, son of Philip Karran. A Philip Karran had married Elizabeth Kewley at Onchan 16th November 1760, so Christopher Karran could have been his cousin.

Daniel Kewley senior was buried at Onchan 19th February 1837, aged 82 years. In Daniel's will, dated 10th August 1835 [Ref. Arch. 1837 - 6] he left to his son Robert 'what balance of rent was in the hands of his son William or tenant William Gelling'. He mentioned his house-keeper Katherine Gelling.He left all claimants 5s, and appointed his son Robert his executor and residuary legatee.

A William Kewley of Douglas was buried at Onchan on 3rd October 1869, aged 84. His gravestone indicates he was of Kerrowdhoo. His age confirms he was the right William to belong to this family. His will also describes him as "late of Kerrowdhoo". From his will, it appears he was survived by a brother, John Kewley, and a nephew Robert Kewley, son of John. Robert attained 21 years of age on 15th September 1882. His father, John,  described as a labourer, died between 1880 and 1882. It appears that a sister of William and John had been living in Jurby and left a number of children in that parish. In the 1861  Census of Douglas, William Kewley, aged 75 years, who had been born in Onchan and described as being of independent means was living in Senna Lane, Douglas along with his brother-in-law Thomas Crellin (a widower aged 65, born in German), and his foster daughter, Jane Kneale (aged 24, a dressmaker, born in Douglas).

Robert had probably settled in Douglas or Braddan, but there were many Robert Kewleys active in Douglas and Braddan around this period; here are details of some of them:

Robert Kewley, Cooper, died 11 May 1816 aged 77 & has a gravestone at Kk Braddan. His wife Isabel Dawson died 14 May 1817 aged 81
Robert Kewley & Isabella Kermode had a son William born 4 Feb & baptised St. Matthew's, Douglas 11 Nov 1818. An Isabella Kermode married Thomas Callow at Braddan 22 Sep 1818.
Robert Kewley and Margaret Cain had a son William baptised at 21 July 1822. Robert Kewley & Margaret Cain married 23 Dec 1815

Robert Kewley, Butcher, of Post Office Place, Douglas, is recorded in a Trade Directory of 1824

Robert Kewley proprietor of Ballachrink, East Baldwin, Braddan, & Margaret Cain his wife sold that farm on 3 February 1827 for £510 to William Clucas, blacksmith [SSS M 1827 - 55]. It is believed they afterwards lived in Douglas.
Robert Kewley buried Braddan 9 Nov 1830 aged 35. Probate missing E (2) 1831
Robert Kewley buried Braddan 16 January 1832
Robert Kewley buried Braddan 23 June 1832 aged 49
Will of Robert Kewley of Braddan/Douglas E (2) 1832. Left his smack or vessell the William Scott to his wife Elenor alias Christian. Mentions 4 children Robert, James, Mary & Elizabeth.
Administration of Robert Kewley of Braddan/Douglas E (2) 1832 (Sic) Widow Margaret re-married to John Watkins of Manchester as Margaret Kewley at St. Michael, Ashton Under Lyne, Lancs., 3 June 1832.
Robert Kewley probate record E (2) 1838
Ann daughter of Robert Kewley, mason, died aged 19 September 1839 [Manx Advertiser newspaper]
Robert Kewley held two houses on the north side of Drumgold Street, Douglas, part of Finch's Rent, as noted on the 1842 valuation plan;
Robert Kewley Episcopal Will (1) 1844
Robert Kewley, heckler of Drumgold Street, Douglas died May 1844 [Manx Sun newspaper]
Robert Kewley of Ballabrooie was buried at Braddan Cemetery 11 December 1874 aged 87 [i.e. born about 1787- our Robert was bap. 1793] in grave No. 1144.

The following had children buried in Braddan 1820/37;

Robert Kewley and Ann Cannell
Robert Kewley and Mary Quirk
Robert Kewley & Isabella Qu[illiam] They married 6 May 1818.
Robert Kewley of Ballachrink, Baldwin was convicted of sheepstealing, executed at Castletown on 5 June 1818, and buried at Braddan 7 June 1818 aged 52. He was a son of James Kewley and Katherine Creer of Ballachrink.

As we know 'our' Robert, the son of Mary and Daniel, to have been still alive in 1835 and probably 1837, many of these individuals can be ruled out.

In 1841 Daniel and Mary's son William Kewley, described as 'independent' was living alone at Kerrowdhoo, aged about 50 years. The land was being farmed by William and Margaret Gelling. William Gelling had married Margaret Quine at Braddan 2nd November 1816, and Margaret was a daughter of Robert Quine junior of Arderry by his second marriage to Esther Kissack. Hence Margaret was a first cousin to her husband's landlord William Kewley.

By a deed dated 21st August 1845 William Kewley of Kerrowdhoo sold the entire farm property at Onchan for £1500 to a Miss Martha Allen of Cheshire, England.William was unable to sign the document, and added 'his mark'. We have not yet established anything of William's later life or death, but probate and burial records have not yet provided the answer.

It seems that the two younger sons Daniel Kewley [b. 1788] and Philip Kewley [b. 1798] could have left the Island.

A contact from possible descendants was made via the internet as follows;


Posted By: John Brittan Pohlman

Date: Sunday 28 July 2002, at 6:10: a.m



My great grandmother was Jane Quine Kewley, b. 1859 in Stepney, London, daughter of Captain William Kewley, bc. 1817/1819 and his wife, Ann Boyd (of Newfoundland). Captain Kewley was a Master Mariner and lists his birth in London, but have never been able to prove the birthdate of 24 OCT 1819 he lists for himself. His death announcement in 1863(drowned as Captain of the ship RENOWN in Shanghai Harbor, China [d. 12 Oct 1863]), lists his age as 46, which would make his birth in 1817/1818. With surnames of Kewley & Quine involved, I know we are moving toward the IOM. One of Captain Kewley's daughters used to visit Onchan, IOM, so I feel that Captain Kewley's parents were from the Isle. I recently found a Daniel Kewley married to a Mary Quine at Kerrow Dhoo, Onchan, IOM, who had a William Kewley, born 1785. Could this be my Captain William Kewley's father? Does anyone have any marriage information on this particular William? Does anyone have Kewley, Quine, Boyd connections? Would like to correspond and share information


John Brittan Pohlman

Sunday 28 July 2002, at 6:10: a.m

The Kewleys of East London - were they related to the Quines of Arderry?

Research is on-going into the families of two different Kewley men with Manx origins who lived in East London, England: James Kewley (c. 1777 - 1841) of Shadwell, in East London & Captain William Kewley (1819? - 1863) who was born in Douglas, and was based at different times in Stepney (in East London), and at Greenock, Scotland. He is the ancestor of John B. Pohlman. See the site dedicated to CAPTAIN WILLIAM KEWLEY: James's wife Jane (c1783-1869) was also a Manxwoman, although her maiden name is unknown.


Jane Kewley married Nathaniel Hodgson St. Marylebone 1763 Boyd's
Ann Kewley married William Tabraham St.


1771 Boyde's
William Kewley married Joyce Verity St. Geo's Hanover Square 1777 Boyde's
Sarah Kewley married William Bentley St. Andrew, Holborn 1792 Pallot
Matilda Kewley married John Hopkins St. James, Westminster 1799 Pallot
A. Harriet Kewley baptised Dau. of Charles Kewley & Mary Holborn Lying In Hospital 20 Jun 1805 IGI
Charles Kewley married Mary Maria Hobait St.James Westminster 1821 Pallot
Thomas Kowley baptised Son of Thomas Kowley & Mary St. Leonard Shoreditch 30 Jul 1824 IGI
James Kewley trading Fruiterer, 39 High Street Shadwell 1828, 1836 Pigot & Co
Jane Kewley married Henry Devlin (Mariner) Alverstoke 1829 Pallot
Joseph Paul Kewley married Mary Ann Harris St. Martin in the Fields 24 Jun 1834 IGI
James Kewley trading Hothouse Warmer, 57.5 Gloucester St., Commercial Road 1834- 6 Robson's Directory
James Kewley trading Manufacturer of hot air apparatus 1836 Pigot & Co.
William Kewley wittnessed marriage of Alexander Catner & Elizabeth Lacey St. Paul's, Shadwell 26 Feb 1837 Par. Reg.
Elizabeth Kewley born Statutory Birth Registration St. Georges in the East Sep 1838 2101
James Kewley died Statutory Death Registration. Died 29 Dec 1840 at No. 39 High Street, Shadwell, aged 64. "Gentleman" Stepney Mar 1841 2 - 440
James Kewley Will James Kewley Green-grocer of High Street Shadwell. Estate to wife Jane. Mention of Margaret Skillicorn spinster of Shadwell. [See transcript, below] Shadwell, Mx 1841 PCC
Bridget Kewley died Statutory Death Registration Stepney Mar 1842 1c - 31
Hugh Kewley married Statutory Marriage Registration. Married on 24 February 1842 to Alice Skimsson. Hugh son of Charles K., Weaver Stepney P.C. Mar 1842 2 - 362
Mary Kewley born Statutory Birth Registration St. Georges in the East Mar 1844 2134
John Kewley born Statutory Birth Registration St. Georges in the East Dec 1846 2114
George Simpson Kewley born Statutory Birth Registration Poplar Mar 1847 2333
Mrs Kewley died Aged 42 of consumption wife of Mr James Kewley Chelsea June 1848 Mx Sun
Frederick John Kewley born Statutory Birth Registration Islington Mar 1850 3310
Mary Ann Kewley died Statutory Death Registration St. Geo's Hanvover Sq Mar 1852 1a -13
James Kewley married Bridgit Harrington St. Leonard's Shoreditch 25 Jan 1853 IGI
Thomas Kewley died Aged 18 in his brother's house. Son of the late Wm. Kewley Marylebone March? 1855 Manx Sun
Voltaire Kewley born Statutory Birth Registration Lambeth June 1859 1d321
Sarah Agnes Kewley born Statutory Birth Registration Stepney Dec 1860 1c495
William Kewley Will Probate of will dated of William Kewley of 22 Belgrave Street, Commercial Road late of 25 Bromley Street, Commercial Road, Stepney, Middlesex, Master Mariner [See Transcript, below] 4 Jul 1864 PPR
Jane Kewley died Statutory Death Registration. Jane Kewley wid.of James Kewley, hatter. Died 29 Oct 1869 at 47 Belgrave Street aged 86 years Ratcliff 29 Oct 1869 99
Ann Kewley Informant Statutory Death Registration of Jane Kewley. Present at death on 29 Oct 1869 at 47 Belgrave Street Ratcliff 29 Oct 1869 99

Considerable material relating to the Kewley family exists in the Middlesex Deeds Registry: the majority deal with James Kewley and his widow Jane, and Captain William Kewley. Unfortunately although Jane Kewley had property dealings with Captain William Kewley and his wife Ann, no relationship is specified between them in the documents so far seen.

Reference Date Grantor Other Parties Nature of Document
MDR1833/3/136 25 Mar 1833 James Kewley of 36 High St., Shadwell, green-grocer John Herbert Assignment of lease on stable built by J.K. on plot at St. Anthony St., in the p. of St. George's, Middlesex
MDR1852/9/876 16 Oct 1848 Mary Ann Kewley [formerly Ann Harris] ladies' nurse late of 18 Caroline St. Pimlico Will. Recites MAK's entitlement to property 6 John St. Hackney under the will of George Harris of sd. John Streetcarpenter & cow-keeperdated 21 Dec 1818. MAK devises house to Jas. Geo. Harris.
MDR1855/8/536 6 Jun 1855 Jane Kewley of 7 Philpot St. Stepney, widow

William Kewley of Philpot St. aforesaid ship master & Ann his wife

James Godby, Gent Conveys [1] property on N. side of Catherine St. in the Parish of St. George's in the East: [2] property held under lease 1 Mar 1825 from Andrew Wilson to James Kewley on E. side of Grove St. in the parish of St. George: [3] property held under lease 20 Sep 1828 from Wm Elston to James Kewley of 7 & 8 on W. side of Philpot St.& 5 on the N. side of Storer St., in the parish of St. Dunstan, Stepney. Assignment of leases by Kewleys to James Godby
MDR1855/9/25 4 Jun 1855 Jane Kewley of Philpot St., Widow Elizabeth Swinson of Storer St. Stepney, Widow Lease of 5 Sloane St. on N.. side of Storer St.,
MDR1858/2/626 30 Nov 1857 Elizabeth Catnur of Arbor Sq. Stepney, Widow & George Wake of King David La. Shadwell, undertaker Jane Kewley of Chatsworth Rd. Forest La., Stratford, Widow Mortgage for £300 of 12, 13 & 17 Storer St., 9 Gray St., & 29 Dampsey (?) St in Parish of St. Dunstan, Stepney
MDR1858/3/959 4 Mar 1858 Joseph West of Sidney Sq, Stepney & Abraham James William Kewley of 7 Philpot St., Commercial Rd., Middlesex, master mariner Assignment of 60 year lease of 25 & 26 Blagrave St. in the Hamley of Radcliff, Middlesex
MDR1858/3/960 5 Mar 1858 William Kewley of 7 Philpot Street, Commercial Road, Middlesex Master Mariner Quintin Leitch of the same place Master Mariner Sub-lease for 50 years of 26 Belgrave Street in the hamlet of Radcliff, Middlesex [by way of mortgage?]
MDR1861/12/62 9 Aug 1861 Jane Kewley of Dempsey St., Commercial Rd.,Middlesex, widow Elizabeth Catnur of the same place, widow & George Wake, undertaker Surrender of mortgage dated 30 November 1857
MDR1862/3/399 26 May 1856 Chas Jas Bell & John Lewis Bell William Kewley Assignment of lease dated 31 May 1822 of 12 Watney Street.
MDR1862/3/399 3 Jun 1862 William Kewley of Belgrave St., Stepney, late of Philpot St., Stepney, Master Mariner John Pendergast of Colet Pla., Commercial Rd., Gent. Sale [?] of 12 Watney Street, Commercial Rd., in the Parish of St. George in the East, Middlesex.


Will of James Kewley of Shadwell, Middlesex, 1836

I James Kewley of High Street in the parish of St. Paul, Shadwell in the County of Misddlesex Green Grocer do make and publish my last will and testament in manner and form following; that is to say I give and bequeath all my estate and effects of whatsoever nature kind or quality and wheresoever situate of I may die posessed of unto my dear dear wife Jane for her own use and benefit and I acknowledge and declare that I hold a certain deed poll bearing date the twentieth day of april eighteen hundred and nineteen under the hands and seals of nine of the Trustees for carrying into execution the Act of Parliament for rebuilding Shadwell Church pupporting to be an assignment from the Trustees to William Dixon of a portion of the rates made under the said provisions of the said Act for securing to him his executors administrators and assigns the repayment of five hundred pounds and interest lend by him for the purposes in the said Act mentioned and which said deed poll was on or about the twenty seventh day of February one thousand eight hundred and thirty two assigned to me in consideration oif the sum of four hundred and ninety five pounds and I further acknowledge and declare that the sum of two hundred pounds consideration maney was and still remains the proper money of Margaret Skillicorn of the said parish of Saint Paul Shadwell spinster and I hereby appoint my said wife sole EXECUTRIX of this my will hereby revoking al former wills by me at any time heretofore made

In witness whereof I have hereinto set my hand and seal this the thirteenth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty six---------James Kewley --- L.S.

James Kewley died before the 1841 census, but his widow Jane lived on until 1869 and appears in two censuses. She has not been found in 1841, although Elizabeth Catnur and family were in the Kewley's former home at High Street, Shadwell. It may be recalled that William Kewley was a witness at the marriage of the Catners in 1837.The relationship (if any) of Elizabeth to James and Jane Kewley or to William and Ann Kewley has not been established.

1841: High Street, St. Paul Shadwell, Tower Hamlets, Middlesex

Alexander Catnur 30 Greengrocer n
Elizabeth Catnur 30 n
Ellen Gelling 35 Independent n
Emma Chapman Female Servant n

1851: 39 High Street, Shadwell, Tower Hamlets, Middlesex

Alexander Catnur Head Mar 43 Fruiterer (master) Lancashire, Liverpool
Elizabeth Catnur Wife Mar 44 Fruiterer's wife Norfolk, Norwich
Alexander Catnur Son Unm 11 Scholar Middlesex, Shadwell
Jane Kewley Visiter W. 66 Landed Proprietor Isle of Man
Margaret Scraton* (?) Visitor U. 60 Income from ..... Isle of Man
Elenor Durrag (?) Serv. U. 16 House maid Thistlefield, Middlesex
*Perhaps Margaret Skillicorn [See will of James Kewley, 1836]

1861: 29 Dempsey St., Stepney, Tower Hamlets, Middlesex

Elizabeth Catnur Head Wid (?) 57 Proprietor of Houses Norwich
Alexander Catnur Son Unm 21 Agent's Clerk Shadwell
Jane Kewley Visr Wid (?) 76 Proprietor of Houses Isle of Man
Margrett Kewley Visr Unm. 74 Annuitant (?) Isle of Man

Will of William Kewley shipmaster residing in Greenock, 1853 (Died 1864)

I WILLIAM KEWLEY shipmaster presently residing in Greenock and Master of the ship or vessel called the Mary Stoddart of Grangemouth being resolved so to settle my affairs as to prevent disputes after my death Therefore for the love favour & affection which I have and bear to my wife & children do hereby give grant assign dispone devise and bequeath to and in favour of Mrs Ann Boys or Kewley my spouse in liferent for her liferent not [only?] during the time she remains my widow and to William James Kewley and Martha Kewley my children and any other child or children who may be born of my marriage with the said Mrs Ann Boys or Kewley equally among them share and share alike and failing any of them by death without leaving lawful issue to the survivors of my said children in fee all and sundry lands and heritages debts heritable and moveable goods gear sums of money & others & in general my whole heritable and moveable ESTATE of whatsoever kind or denomination the same may be or wheresoever situate presently belonging to me or which shall belong to me at the time of my death with the whole vouchers and instructions and writs titles and securities of my said estate and in particular without prejudice to the foresaid generality all my freehold leasehold and copyhold messuages farms lands tenements and hereditaments in Saint John Newfoundland with their rights members and appurtenances to hold to my said disponees and devisees according to their respective rights of liferent and fee as aforesaid acconding to the nature and tenureof the said premises and I do hereby bind and oblige myself and my heirs and successors to infeft and seize my said disponees according to their respective rights of liferent and fee in the whole lands and other heritages generally above conveys and dispones by me requiring infeffment and for that purpose to make grant subscribe and deliver to my disponees all writs deeds and conveyances that may be necessary containing procurations of resignation precepts of sasine and other usuual clauses necessary for fully vesting and establishing the premiseds in their persons but these presents are granted under the burden of payment of all my just and lawful debts ....and funeral charges and with this declaration and provision that these presents as far as conceived in favour of the said Mrs Ann Boys or Kewley are granted under this burden vizt. that so long as she continues to enjoy the provisions herein conceived in her favour she shall be bound out of the sums of money which she may receive to .... upbring and maintain the said children in a manner suitable to the means at her command after due allowance for her own maintenance and that until they shall respectively be able to maintain themselves or be married and which provisions in favour of my said wife and children are hereby declared to be in lieu and in full of their jus relictae legitim half or third of moveables and any other claim, legal or conventional which the said Mrs Ann Boys or Kewley or the said children or any of them may or can claim in and through my decease and also in full of all that the said Mrs Ann Boys or Kewleys heirs executors or nearest of kin can ask or claim in the event of her predeceasing me which all such claims shall be held to be renounced and discharged by the acceptation by the said Mrs Ann Boys or Kewley and the said children respectively of the above written provisions in their favour and I do hereby nominate & appoint the said Mrs Ann Boys or Kewley as long as she remains my widow and Mrs Jane Kewley residing in High Street Shadwell London widowand the survivor of them to be my EXECUTORS with power to them to give up inventories of my personal estate and to confirm the same as use is they being bound to account and pay to my said wife & children according to their respective rights under these presents and also to be tutors and curators and guardians to the children of the said marriage with all the powers competenyt to executors tutors curators and guardians declaring that neither as executors tutors curators nor guardians ahall they be liable for omissions or to so exact diligence of one for another but for actual intromissions only deducting all necessary charges and I do hereby reserve my own liferent of the whole premises with the power to alter innovate or revoke these presents in whole or in part dispensing with the delivery hereof and declaring these presents so far as not altered to be sufficiently valid & effectual though found lying in my repositories or in the custody of a third party undelivered at the time of my death and consent tot the registration hereof in the Books of the Council of Session or others competent thereinto remain for preservation & for that purpose constitute [blank - NGC] Procurators

In witness whereof to these presents written upon this and the two preceding pagesby Stewart Neill Clerk to Robert Neill writer in Greenock I have set my hand and seal at Greenock the twenty third day of November eighteen hundred and fifty three years before these witnesses Henry Potter shipmaster of Saint Johns Newfoundland presently in Greenock and Edward Hyslop glass and china merchant twenty eight Hamilton Street Greenock. Signed sealed published and declared by the above named William Kewley the testator as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who at his request and in the presence of each other have have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto ~ (sigd) ~ WILLIAM KEWLEY (L.S.)

(Signed)~HENRY POTTER shipmaster of Saint Johns Newfoundland present in Greenock witness - (Signed)~EDWARD HYSLOP glass and china merchant 28 Hamilton Street Greenock witness -

There were additional documents attached to Captain William Kewley's probate records as follows;

1 Grant of Probate to Ann Kewley dated 4th July 1864
2 Deposition of Robert Neill dated 27th April 1864
3 Deposition of Ann Kewley, Widow, dated 14th June 1864

In her Majesty's Court of Probate The Principal Registry: In the Goods of William Kewley Deceased

I ANN KEWLEY of No. 25 Bromley Street Commercial Road, Stepney in the County of Middlesex widow make oath and say as follows: 1. I am the relict and (during my widowhood) one of the executrices named in the last will and testament of William Kewley formerly of No. 22 Belgrave Street Commercial Road Stepney in the County of Middlesex but late of No. 25 Bromley Street Commercial Road aforesaid master mariner deceased. 2. The deceased was the son of English Parents and was born at Douglas in the Isle of Man. He went to sea when a boy, and continued to lead a seafaring life for many years without having any fixed residence. He subsequently became master of a vessell belonging to Greenock in Scotlandand which was engaged in trading between that port and Saint Johns Newfoundland. In 1846 he married me who am a native of Newfoundland and resided there till the year 1853 when I his wife with his consent sold our effects and came to England and took up my residence in the Commercial Road aforesaid where the testator had his home until his death. 3. The said Testator never ceased to be a British subject ~ ANN KEWLEY ~ Sworn at 30 Coleman Street in the City of London this 14th day of June 1864 before me L. Freeman a London Commissioner to administer Oaths in Chancery.

My thanks to I.G. for her help with the research in London repositories. NGC