of DOUGLAS - 1937


East Baldwin and the circuit generally is much the poorer owing to the passing of Mrs. T.E. Quine, of Arderry, Cronkbourne Road, Douglas, and formerly of Ballachrink, East Baldwin, which took place on 21st October. The end came at somewhat suddenly. Only a few days before her death she was looking forward as usual to being present at the Harvest Thanksgiving services at East Baldwin, where she had joined in singing the harvest hymns for 50 years in succession. But God willed this otherwise, and her spirit is now mingling with the Saints to celebrate the great harvest home above. Prior to her marriage,Mrs. Quine lived with her father the late Mr Robert Corlett of Cooil Roi, Lonan. When grown-up she became an energetic worker at Baldrine Methodist Church, and very often on a Sunday morning she would drive with her father to the service at the parish Church. She also took a keen interest in the social and benevolent affairs of the district, particularly in the farmer’s great harvest home and root show, which was held every year in the big hall in Laxey Glen Gardens (by kind permission of the late Mr Robert Williamson), for the benefit of the poor. This hall was the ideal place for harvest festivals, being appropriately decorated beforehand with huge clusters of beautiful black grapes which hung in a rich profusion from the vine overhead, which was planted by the side and trained to encircle the roof. It was indeed a lovely picture, and here year after year the farmers’ daughters congregated and not only presided over some 30 tables, but generally found most of the appetising victuals. Those were the good old days before poor laws were in existence

On coming to Baldwin Mrs. Quine resumed her activities, and soon became Superintendent of the Sunday School, and organist at the Chapel. These two offices she held until her daughters were old enough to relieve her. For she was also a representative to the Leaders Meeting, and would often accompany her husband, who was Society Steward, and avail herself of her seat at the Quarterly Meeting. She was a kind hearted lady, and full of good works, and one who revered the Sabbath and loved the House of God. She regularly attended the class meeting, and her testimony was always clear and definite, bright and hopeful. The writer well remembers how gifted and powerful she was in prayer, and what a grip she seemed to have on spiritual things. Needless to say when her children grow up they all became members of the Society, truly a mother in Israel. For three generations Ballachrink has been the home of the preachers, and during her long stay there she acted her part as hostess gracefully and generously, and would not hesitate for a moment in giving the preacher a bit of sound advice, if she thought he needed it. 11 years ago, with her husband and youngest daughter, she moved to Douglas, and almost immediately the family associated themselves with the Society at Rosemount, where they made many friends. Her husband, however, predeceased her five years ago, but her daughter Isabel was with her to the end. The interment took place at Braddan, on 23rd October, and the last rites were performed by the Superintendent Minister, the Reverend Sidney Lawson. The deceased Lady leaves behind one son, three daughters, and five grandchildren to mourn her loss. To these, and to all her relatives and friends, we tender our deepest sympathy.

(Extracted from the Manx Methodist Church Record)