Know all men by these presents that I Thomas Quine of Arderrey of the parish of Kk Braddan with the join’d consent and asent-of my wife Margaret Quine als.Creer for divers reasons and valueable considerations we hereunto moving but more especially for and in consideration of the just and intire sum of two hundredd and fifty two pound. tenn shillings of the currency of this isle to be paid unto us or our assigns from the hands of Robert Quine of the parish of Kk.Onchan in manner and form as follows; that is to say the one half of the above said sum to be paid unto us on the twenty fourth day of June next ensueing the other half to be paid or the first day of November following, have give granted bargained passed' over and sold and by these presents we do hereby give grant bargain pat over and for ever- absolutely sell from us our heirs executers administrators and assigns all our whole right by the property and interest that we may have or at any time hereafter may have in and unto the whole of our Quarterland of Arderry being Abbeyland and situated in the parish of Kk Braddan excepting that part or parcel of the same lands that is already to Robert Creer of Ballawillin To have and to hold unto Robert Quine his heirs executors administrators assigns the premises afforesaid together with our dwelling house and garden with all the the rest of our outhouses and all other appurtenances to the premises in any wise belonging as also all wayes waters and watercourses easements proffits and advantages unto the same in any wise pertaining the same bears such annual Abbey Rent as the Setting Quest shall allot or proportion theron. He the said Robert Quine his heirs executers administrators and assigns yealding and paying the abbey rent thereon yearly and every year as alsoe all other boons dues and duties suits and services and all other customs due and payable out of the premises at the times and seasons usual and accustomed the same premises adjoining the rent of William Claig on the west to the rent of Robert Kewley William Crain John Kelly Nicholas Fail and Phillip Claig's rents on the west to the rent of Thomas Quine the Place on the north and east to the rent of Robert Chreech Thomas Cannon and Robert Cannell on the east. And for the more ample strengthening and securing the beforementioned premises to Robert Quine his heirs executers administrators or assigns and the peace posession thereof against the pretended claim challenge or demand of any manner of person or persons claiming any right or title to any part ox parcel thereof We the affore mentioned Thomas Quine and Margaret Quine my wife als Creer do hereby bind ourselves our heirs executors administrators and assigns in the penalty of five hundredd and fire pounds currency to be levied and paid according to the nature of all other fines within this Isle as witness our names this 2nd day of March 1761

Signed and delivered in presence of us Thomas Quine

Margaret Quine als Creer my mark X

Witness hereto:

John Kewley

Robert Creer my mark X