Will of Alice Cottier alias Quine alias Lewin, 1773

Kk Lonan [1773]


This is affirm’d to be the last will and testament of Alice Cottier als Quine als Lewin who departed this life on or about the third day of May instant Being in perfect mind and memory at the making thereof committing her her soul to God and body to christian burial and disposed of her worldly goods as followeth - She left her right or part of the crop of the croft she lived in to Thos Cowin and his wife that were with them viz her husband and herself - She left and bequeathed her part of the yarn and hemp that were in the house to the said Thos Cowin and his wife - She left and bequeathed her right of the bees to her husband John Cottier She left and bequeathed her right of the sheep in the mountains to her son Robt Quine with three yards of fine linen cloth She left her right of two sheep that were at home to her grandson Robt Quine - She left and bequeathed a gown and poetticoat to her grand daughter Joney Quine - She left a petticoat to her daughter in law Margaret Quine - She left another gown and petticoat to her other daughter in law Jane Quine alias Corlett She left and bequeathed the rest of her her cloaths to her own daughter Elinor wife of John Crow and she left six pence legacy to any other that might claim a right to her effects and then lastly she left and bequeathed the rest of her goods moveable and unmoveable to her son Thos Quine and her son in law John Crow equally between them and nominated and appointed them both joint executors of this her last will and testament

Witnesses present at the making publishing and declaring thereof


Thos Clague his mx X

Wm Quine his mk X